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Why Should I Wear a Motorcycle Helmet in Seattle?

The obvious answer for Washington motorcycle riders is because it is the law. In Washington State, all riders are required to wear a motorcycle helmet, including those riding low-power motorcycles or scooters. But even if it wasn’t the law, all riders should still wear a motorcycle helmet because it is the most important piece of protection a rider can have.

The Reality of Motorcycles

Motorcycling is an experience like no other, but it also has risks like no other vehicle. A rider has little to no protection in the event of a collision, which is very bad news when the collision involves a larger vehicle like a passenger car or even a tractor trailer. The potential for serious injury in a motorcycle accident is very high inherently, which is why every rider should protect themselves as best they can.

Protecting Your Brain

The brain is responsible for all your bodily functions, whether it is thinking, feeling, or moving, so any injury to the brain can have devastating and potentially life-long consequences. As experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in Seattle, the legal team at Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S., has seen tragic brain injuries befall motorcycle riders in traffic accidents and cannot stress enough the importance of doing everything you can to protect yourself. Wearing a helmet can lessen the force of impact on your brain should you hit the ground or another object as the result of a traffic accident. It may not prevent injury completely, but may give you a necessary buffer to lessen the degree of a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Other Benefits

Wearing a motorcycle helmet has other benefits too, or rather wearing a full-face helmet has other benefits. Motorcycle riders are affected by environmental conditions when the occupants of other vehicles are not. Even with a windshield, a rider may be at the mercy of bad weather and even kicked up road debris. A full-face helmet protects your face, especially your eyes, from rain or snow, as well as road debris that may be sent through the air by other vehicles. Facial injuries, while they may not affect the entire body like a brain injury could, can have long-lasting emotional consequences as the result of scarring or disfigurement, in addition to potential disability in the event of severe eye injuries.

The Point of this Article …

… is wear a motorcycle helmet, no matter how long you have been a rider; no matter how defensively you ride, no matter how well you follow all the traffic laws, and no matter how many riding courses you’ve taken. The negligent or reckless actions of other drivers can negate all of that, so you need to be prepared and protected.

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