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Unlike motorists, bicyclists are almost completely unprotected in a traffic accident. This is why many cyclists sustain serious injuries in falls, collisions, and other incidents. Except for a helmet in some cases, a bicyclist's body is completely unprotected against dangerous outside forces. Unfortunately, not all motorists practice caution around bicyclists. In fact, motorists are at fault in just over half of fatal accidents with bicycles. Yet traffic police tend to be biased against bicyclists, looking for fault in their actions rather than the actions of the truly liable party.

Bicycle accident victims are strongly advised to seek the legal counsel of an experienced Washington personal injury lawyer when they’re injured, because getting adequate compensation for injuries can be difficult, and the claims process is so complex. This is especially true if the liable party disputes your claim. For this reason, it is recommended that you never try to handle your case alone.

Instead, reach out to Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S., a personal injury law firm with an established track record of success. We have the knowledge and resources to help you gain the upper hand during negotiations and trial. Call us today at (888) 228-3860 for a free, comprehensive consultation.

Washington Bicycle Accident Recoveries

  • $170,000 recovery for a bicyclist injured when he was struck by a car while riding his bicycle.
  • $145,000 recovery for a man who received a concussion and skin abrasions when he was knocked off his bicycle by a car making a turn in Kirkland, Washington.

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Seattle Bike Accident FAQs

Who can be held responsible for my bike accident?

Should I accept the settlement amount the insurance company is offering?

I don't have health insurance, but I need emergency treatment. What should I do after a bicycle accident?

I got into an accident right after my bike was repaired. Do I have a claim against the repair shop?

How much money can I recover in my bike crash claim?

Q: Who can be held responsible for my bike accident?

A: While motorists are typically the at-fault party in a bicycle crash, other parties may be responsible or involved as well. For example, if a defective bicycle part contributed to a crash, the manufacturer could be held liable. Or if dangerous road conditions were involved, the city or government agency responsible for designing and maintaining the path or roadway may be the culprit. Washington is a comparative fault state, which means you may be entitled to some compensation for damages, even if the accident was partly your fault.

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Q: Should I accept the settlement amount the insurance company is offering?

A: Whether dealing with your own insurance provider or the at-fault party’s insurer, the insurance adjuster's job is not to provide you with the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. On the contrary, their job is to retain as much profit as possible for the company. Keep this in mind when dealing with insurance matters. It is best not to interact with the insurance adjuster at all, but if you must, be sure to consult with your attorney before signing or saying anything. Even if the adjuster offers you what seems like an adequate settlement, chances are he or she is trying to get you to accept much less than you actually deserve.

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Q: I don’t have health insurance, but I need emergency treatment. What should I do after a bicycle accident?

A: Your health should be your first priority. If you need emergency medical treatment, do whatever it takes to get it. Delaying treatment may cause your injuries to worsen. Fortunately, there are medical providers out there who can treat you without upfront costs (on a lien basis). Contact a resourceful lawyer for more information.

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Q: I got into an accident right after my bike was repaired. Do I have a claim against the repair shop?

A: If you paid to have an individual or a bike shop repair your bicycle and their careless work directly caused your crash, then you probably have a viable claim against them. However, it is necessary to connect the crash to the person or shop that did the repairs, which may be difficult. In cases like this, having an experienced legal advocate to perform a prompt investigation of the accident can make all the difference.

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Q: How much money can I recover in my bike crash claim?

A: You may be entitled to compensation for economic damages, such as medical bills and lost wages; and non-economic damages, such as pain, emotional distress, disability, and more. If you lost a loved one in a Seattle bicycle accident, you may recover money for the pain your loved one suffered prior to death, their funeral and burial costs, as well as the loss of emotional support, love, and other damages that you have suffered.

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Since personal injury law is very complex, this question cannot be answered simply. Seek advice from a dependable lawyer before you make any decisions.

What Evidence Should Be Gathered?

The short answer is: all of it. The more evidence that your attorney can present, the stronger the case that they can build for you. Here are the most important pieces of evidence your experienced Seattle bike accident attorney should gather:

  • Police report: A police report of the accident will have the name of the other party involved, his or her insurance information, diagrams of the accident scene, whether the driver was tested for sobriety, and other important facts about the accident.
  • Medical records: When determining what your compensation should be, it's important to have documentation of the total extent of your injuries. Make sure you get the notes taken by the medical staff that treated you. If you are able to, have pictures taken of your injuries as soon after the accident as possible.
  • Your bicycle and equipment: Whatever you do, don't get your bike repaired or throw away any damaged clothing or equipment. These items can help prove fault in an accident and document your losses. Again, photograph all damaged items if possible.
  • Witnesses: Hopefully you or the police collected the names, addresses, and phone numbers of anyone who saw the accident. And don't forget about non-human witnesses. Many stores, restaurants, and bars have surveillance cameras around their businesses - footage of your accident would be invaluable.

Amassing and documenting evidence, and conducting a thorough accident investigation, can be painstaking and complicated. Don't try to do it on your own; instead, contact a qualified Seattle personal injury attorney to help you.

New Technological Evidence in Bike Accidents

Many bike accident claims boil down to simple "he said, she said" arguments in the absence of evidence. Fortunately, modern technology has provided a unique way for cyclists to protect their rights in the event of an accident. GPS devices, mobile apps, GoPro cameras, and fitness-tracking devices, such as Fitbit, allow bicyclists to monitor their rides and can be used to provide data regarding the events leading up to a collision.

Whether the device simply tracks your location and speed, or gathers your pedal cadence or heart rate, a digital record from the time of your crash can be vital in supporting your claim.

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Additional Information

Our Case Results

Degloving Injury$2,400,000
Degloving Injury
from defective power winch.
Wrongful Death$1,925,000
Wrongful Death
from head-on van accident.
Rollover Accident$1,925,000
Rollover Accident
resulting in wrongful death.
Wrongful Death$1,625,000
Wrongful Death
from highway design defect.
Car Accident$595,000
Car Accident
injuries to 47-year-old woman.
Wrongful Death$460,695
Wrongful Death
oncoming traffic accident.
Rear-End Collision$450,000
Rear-End Collision
resulting in lower back injury.
Car Accident$390,000
Car Accident
resulting in fractured leg.
Car Sideswipe$390,000
Car Sideswipe
resulting in injured back.
Head-On Collision$372,000
Head-On Collision
resulting in fractured pelvis.
Car Accident$360,000
Car Accident
resulting in lower back injury.
Car Accident$275,000
Car Accident
resulting in jaw fracture.
Overturned Truck$230,000
Overturned Truck
resulting in broken ribs.
Head-On Collision$230,000
Head-On Collision
resulting in shoulder injury.
Motorcycle Accident$225,000
Motorcycle Accident
resulting in leg fracture.

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