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Is Your Baby's Facial Nerve Palsy a Result of Medical Negligence?

A person's face has a lot to do with how they will experience life. A more attractive face can make a person's professional and emotional life more rewarding. Facial deformity from birth trauma adds difficulty and challenge. Children, in particular, have a rough time when stricken with facial deformities. They may be picked on, bullied, and have a harder time making friends.

While most facial deformities are due to genetics, viruses like the Zika virus, and injuries, some, like facial nerve palsy, can be caused by birth injuries. The good news is that most cases of facial nerve palsy will correct themselves over time. The bad news is that parents may endure a great deal of worry about their child while they are waiting for the condition to correct itself. The worst news is that in extreme cases, the condition will require corrective surgery and may be permanent.

If your child has suffered facial nerve palsy due to birth trauma, you may be entitled to compensation for their injury. To get the best settlement possible, it is vital that you seek the representation of an experienced birth injury attorney. For four decades, the Washington law firm of Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. has been successfully representing Seattle area injury victims and their families. Let them handle your case and get your family the compensation they deserve. Call (888) 228-3860 for a free consultation.

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Is Facial Nerve Palsy Caused by Birth Trauma?

Facial nerve palsy is caused by damage to an infant's seventh cranial nerve during the birth process, which is why it is also referred to as Seventh Cranial Nerve Palsy due to Birth Trauma. This is usually caused by improper use of forceps during child birth.

The need for the use of forceps is most common in deliveries that have the following characteristics:

  • The mother has a prior history of delivering large babies
  • The mother has a prior history of prolonged or delayed deliveries
  • The mother has been treated with medications that induce labor, resulting in stronger labor contractions
  • Administration of epidural anesthesia to the mother during labor
  • The mother suffers from gestational diabetes, which results in birth of larger babies

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What Are Forceps?

Forceps are metal instruments that have two rounded cups on each end, similar to salad tongs. The cups are fitted around the baby's head and used to pull the child out of the birth canal. If delivery with forceps is not possible, doctors will often opt to perform a Caesarean section delivery.

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Compensation for Facial Nerve Palsy Due to Birth Trauma

We trust delivery doctors and other medical professionals to make the right decisions regarding the delivery of a child. Failure to make the right decisions can cause injury to the child and mother. If your child has suffered facial nerve palsy due to birth trauma, you may be entitled to compensation for the following damages:

To get a settlement worthy of your child's injury, it is important to have a skilled obstetric malpractice attorney on your side. Call the Seattle birth injury attorneys at Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. today for a free case evaluation. Dial (888) 228-3860.

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