Make Your Mark Scholarship 2019

At our law firm, we deal every day with clients who have had something bad happen to them. Through a car crash, a workplace injury, or medical negligence, someone else has "marked" their lives – and our Seattle personal injury lawyers go to work to erase that mark and leave a new one in its place: one of compassion, healing, and justice.

There's no denying that what you do has an impact on other people. Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S., wants to pay it forward and help deserving students make their own impact. This year, we are offering two scholarships, one for Washington State students, and one for any college-bound student in the United States. Our two winners will each receive $500 for secondary educational expenses. To apply, please read on. Good luck to all our applicants!

For inspiration, have a look at our previous winners.

Scholarship Details

Amount Awarded:
June 13, 2019
Winner Announced
July 11, 2019

Short Essay: 500-1,000 Words

Make your mark. It could mean many things: touching another person's life, making a scientific breakthrough, or painting your name on a canvas. At Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S., we want to know what this phrase means to you—and how you intend to "make your mark" with the help of a college education, even in the smallest of ways.

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