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Car Crashes into North Seattle Restaurant

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on April 27, 2015

One person was injured in a Seattle car accident when a car left the roadway and crashed through the front window of a restaurant. According to a KOMO news report, the car crash occurred at an Ethiopian restaurant at 13510 Aurora Avenue North in Seattle. Officials say the car belonged to the husband of an employee of the business. He was dropping his wife off when the car jumped the curb and went into the building. No customers were inside at the time of the accident, but one person suffered minor injuries. It is unclear what caused the crash or how it could have been prevented.

Vehicles crash into storefronts, restaurants and commercial buildings more often than you’d think, and sometimes, customers suffer serious injuries. According to some recent studies, there are up to 60 car-into-building accidents every day in the United States. These potentially serious accidents can take the lives of drivers, pedestrians, workers, and business patrons.

There are many different reasons why these types of crashes are common. Patrons in buildings located along a curve on the roadway or at a T-shaped intersection are particularly at risk of drivers who lose control. In such cases, fatigue, alcohol, speed, and distraction are likely contributing factors. In other cases, a vehicle may veer out of control because of a mechanical malfunction or because the driver has suffered from a medical emergency.

When such an accident occurs, it must be determined what caused the crash and how it could have been prevented. In many of the cases, it is the driver who is primarily responsible and therefore liable for the damages. Other potentially liable parties include the auto manufacturer, the governing body in charge of the dangerous roadway or even the building owner or property manager.

Business owners who know that their location is at risk for a car accident must make efforts to protect patrons. Failing to install safety mechanisms is a form of negligence that can lead to liability issues. An experienced Seattle car accident attorney at Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. can help advise injured victims and their families regarding their legal rights and options.

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