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Compensation Available After a Seattle Car Accident

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on July 13, 2016

When you’ve been injured in a Seattle car accident, your first priority should be to focus on your recovery. However, that can be difficult to do when you know there are mounting medical bills and little to no money coming in because of time off work. That’s when you may start to think about getting compensation for your ordeal.

On your own, it can be difficult trying to navigate through your individual health and auto insurance policies, as well as the car insurance of the at-fault driver, to see exactly what’s being covered. With the help of a lawyer, this burden can be lifted off your shoulders and you can go back to resting and concentrating on getting well. Additionally, your Seattle car accident lawyer will look into various other types of restitution that you may be entitled to. Read the rest »

How Do I File a Claim Against a Seattle Hit and Run Driver?

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on March 1, 2016

When you’re in a car accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence, you may wish to seek compensation by filing a claim against the negligent driver. But, what do you do when you were the victim of a “hit and run” in which the other driver fled the scene before you could get their contact information?

While getting the compensation you need can be tougher when it’s a hit and run driver at fault, it’s not impossible. Start by contacting an experienced Seattle hit and run accident lawyer who can work with you. Then, keep these tips in mind: Read the rest »

Five Reasons Why You Should Not Trust Insurance Companies

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on February 5, 2014

Washington Auto AccidentInsurance companies spend a lot of money on branding. They want you, the consumer, to think of their companies as helpful, kind, and supportive. Of course, it is absolutely necessary to secure insurance, and you will regret not having insurance if you are ever involved in an accident. However, many insurance providers are extremely profitable because they know how to deny claims and how to protect their bottom line. In other words, insurance companies tend to prioritize themselves over the consumer.

While it is not advisable to be exceedingly distrustful of everyone and everything, it is wise to exercise a healthy amount of caution when dealing with a business. Here are five reasons why you should not fully trust your insurance company: Read the rest »

Vehicle “Black Boxes” May Provide Additional Information in Accidents

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on October 19, 2011

Many people are familiar with the “black box” in airplanes that records information about the plane’s speed, direction, and other information that can help investigators determined what happened in case of a crash. However, many passenger cars, trucks, and vans are now being made with a similar “black box” that may someday help investigators unravel what happened in a car crash as well.

Known as event data recorders, or EDRs for short, vehicle “black boxes” are already available in 65 to 90 percent of vehicles manufactured during or after 2008, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). EDRs are expected to become standard on all vehicles created in model year 2011 or later, when federal regulations will also require automakers to explain to vehicle owners that their vehicle contains an EDR and where the device is. Most new cars include this information in the owners’ manual. The EDR itself is frequently installed under the driver’s seat with other computerized safety components, such as the module that operates the air bags. Read the rest »

Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Reinforces the Dangers of Texting While Driving

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on February 27, 2011

In February of 2010, 19 year old Heather was killed instantly one month after her birthday, as her car left the roadway south of Tumwater, struck a guardrail and tumbled into a ditch. She was texting a friend in the minutes before the crash. Again in February of this year, a two-year old female passenger was injured during a collision in Thurston County when the 29-year old driver left the roadway, drove into the shoulder and struck a parked pick up head on. This driver was also texting.

These unfortunate drivers were not alone, even with the texting and driving laws, thousands of people are injured or killed every year while texting or being otherwise distracted. That’s why it’s good to remind ourselves and our teenage drivers that when you’re in the car – keep your hands off the phone. Remember, if you’re driving on the freeway, you can travel more than the length of a football field in the time it takes to simply read a short text message or dial a number. Read the rest »

Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Notes Connections Between Spinal Cord Injury, Defective Equipment and Motor Vehicle Accidents

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on February 12, 2011

Motor vehicle accidents cause all kinds of injuries, possibly the most debilitating and tragic is a spinal cord injury. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 42% of all spinal cord injury cases were the result of auto or truck accidents. Tragically, the majority of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) victims are young men between the ages of 16 and 30.

A Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) occurs when a sudden and traumatic blow to a person’s spine fractures, crushes or dislocates a part of his or her vertebrae. The effects of SCI depend on the type of injury and the level of the injury. SCI can be divided into two types of injury – complete and incomplete. A complete injury means that there is no function below the level of the injury, no sensation and no voluntary movement. Read the rest »

Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Talks About How Litigation Can Lead to Safety Innovation

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on November 29, 2010

With the recent automobile recalls by car manufacturers from Toyota to Chrysler to BMW, the safety of the vehicles we depend on is once again called into question.

One of the most interesting realities is that consumer reaction and accident victims litigation following accidents resulting from these safety issues have actually led to key safety innovations. Litigation has played an important role in holding manufacturers accountable and protecting the American public in the future. It may surprise you to learn how many critical safety improvements resulted from litigation: Read the rest »

Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer Offers Safety Tips for Teen Drivers to Avoid Car Accidents

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on November 11, 2010

Hardwick and Pendergast, a Washington car accident law firm, points out that motor vehicle crashes is one of the leading causes of death among teens age 16-19 in the State, already causing the deaths of 27 teens this year. A total of 84 teens died in 2008 and 2009 from traffic crashes. During 2009, 16-19 year-olds accounted for 4.2% of all licensed drivers, but 9.1% of all drivers in fatal crashes in Washington.

Here are some of the many ways parents can help their teens become safer drivers:  Read the rest »

Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Applauds Seat Belt Use Milestone

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on October 29, 2010

Results from the latest survey of seat belt use in Washington were released recently and they show that the use rate has jumped to 97.6 percent. This is the biggest improvement in years and is expected to be one of the highest in the nation.

The State Patrol cites about 47,000 people annually for failing to buckle up. The “Click it or Ticket Project” which is the primary enforcement seat belt law has resulted in a 21% drop in vehicle occupant deaths, from an average of 518 from 1995 to 2002, to an average of 410 from 2003 to 2009. During those same time periods serious injuries from traffic crashes dropped 25%. Read the rest »

Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Talks About How to Work with Insurance Companies

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on October 9, 2010

Dealing with insurance companies after an accident can be complicated and confusing.

One of the most critical, yet often overlooked, issues is how to deal with insurance companies after you have been injured in an accident – your company and the defendant’s company. Understand that insurance companies are for-profit corporations. They make money by taking in premiums for their policies and then paying out as little as possible in claims under those policies. Read the rest »

Our Case Results

Degloving Injury$2,400,000
Degloving Injury
from defective power winch.
Wrongful Death$1,925,000
Wrongful Death
from head-on van accident.
Rollover Accident$1,925,000
Rollover Accident
resulting in wrongful death.
Wrongful Death$1,625,000
Wrongful Death
from highway design defect.
Car Accident$595,000
Car Accident
injuries to 47-year-old woman.
Wrongful Death$460,695
Wrongful Death
oncoming traffic accident.
Rear-End Collision$450,000
Rear-End Collision
resulting in lower back injury.
Car Accident$390,000
Car Accident
resulting in fractured leg.
Car Sideswipe$390,000
Car Sideswipe
resulting in injured back.
Head-On Collision$372,000
Head-On Collision
resulting in fractured pelvis.
Car Accident$360,000
Car Accident
resulting in lower back injury.
Car Accident$275,000
Car Accident
resulting in jaw fracture.
Overturned Truck$230,000
Overturned Truck
resulting in broken ribs.
Head-On Collision$230,000
Head-On Collision
resulting in shoulder injury.
Motorcycle Accident$225,000
Motorcycle Accident
resulting in leg fracture.

Written by Joseph Pendergast, this book is designed to help people who have suffered a personal injury understand their rights and the steps to take to be sure they get the compensation they deserve.

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