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Be Wary of the July Effect at Local Seattle Hospitals

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on August 18, 2016

The July Effect, also known as the Killing Season, is a colloquial phrase that refers to the increased risk of injury and death caused by medical malpractice at hospitals during the month of July. This theory is largely attributed to the seasonal hiring of new hospital residents with little to no hospital experience. Read the rest »

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Who Can Be Held Liable for Injuries Caused by Emergency Room Accidents/Errors?

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on August 8, 2016

When you visit an emergency room because you are injured or sick, the last thing you want to worry about is getting injured or sick even further while you are there. Unfortunately, sometimes it does happen and patients are left wondering who can be held liable for injuries caused by emergency room accidents or errors. The answer is not always an easy one. Although it’s easy to assume that the person who made the error is responsible, that’s not always the case. Read the rest »

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Common Causes of Seattle Cerebral Palsy Birth Injuries

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on May 13, 2016

Cerebral palsy isn’t one disease, but an umbrella term to describe a number of health problems caused by damage done to a developing brain. Disorders related to cerebral palsy develop while a baby is still in the womb, or just after birth. People suffering cerebral palsy will have problems with movement, using muscles, reacting to outside stimulus, or trouble with balance. Some cerebral palsy sufferers have difficulties with speech, hearing, and intellectual development. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 1 in every 300 children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Read the rest »

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Who Can I Take Legal Action Against in a Seattle Medical Malpractice Claim?

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on May 5, 2016

When we’re treated by a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional, a lot of trust is put in the ability of health care workers and facilities to heal patients. Unfortunately, people are injured by errors or negligent acts committed by medical professionals and facilities each day. If you or a loved one has suffered a medical malpractice injury, you need an experienced Seattle attorney on your side.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice happens when a doctor, nurse, or other medical official makes a mistake or acts negligently and their actions lead to a patient’s injury. Other health care professionals include a midwife, naturopath (ND or naturopathic physician), midwifery birth clinic, or others. Medical malpractice can also happen if a medical professional didn’t perform their duties at the accepted standard of medical care. In a medical malpractice lawsuit, this standard of medical care can by defined by the testimony of a qualified medical expert. Read the rest »

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Top 4 Causes of Seattle Medical Malpractice Claims

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on May 2, 2016

Unfortunately, medical malpractice is a serious problem in Seattle and nationwide. Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death for Americans. Over 400,000 people die from medical malpractice related injuries annually. Only heart disease and cancer cause more deaths each year. That number is increasing from the 1999 study showing 98,000 deaths a year. That “To Err is Human” report equated medical malpractice deaths to a deadly jumbo jet crash each day. The medical negligence epidemic is getting worse.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice or Medical Negligence is an injury caused by the negligent behavior or errors or omissions committed by health care professional, such as a doctor or nurse. Legally, this is referred to a violation of the “standard of care.” There are many different types of medical malpractice errors that can lead to serious injuries, and even death. Below are the top four causes of medical malpractice claims Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. has handled over the years. Read the rest »

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Common Medical Malpractice Prescription Errors In Washington

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on April 26, 2016

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), medication errors injure nearly 2 million Americans each year. These errors can happen for many different reasons. What’s tragic about injuries caused by prescription errors is that many are preventable. The NIH reports that the most common prescription error–administering the wrong dose of a drug–accounts for over 40 percent of deaths related to medication use.

Common Prescription Errors in Seattle Medical Malpractice Claims

Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. has handled many Seattle medical malpractice claims over the past 40 years. Here are the most common prescription errors our clients have reported: Read the rest »

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Seattle Medical Malpractice FAQs

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on March 28, 2016

Any time you visit a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office, you’re putting your trust in health care professionals. When these professionals make a mistake, people get very hurt. Below is some information on medical malpractice laws in Washington.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice happens when a health care professional’s negligence lead to a patient’s injury. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and hospitals are among the health care professionals that can be held accountable in a medical malpractice claim. Read the rest »

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Who is At Fault for a Seattle Misdiagnosed Heart Attack? 

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on March 16, 2016

Failure to diagnose or treat a heart attack can have fatal consequences. Heart attacks (myocardial infarction) are often misdiagnosed by emergency room doctors, triage nurses, medical student interns, attending doctors, urgent care center physicians, physician assistants, consulting cardiologists, paramedics, and lab technicians. When one of these medical professionals misdiagnoses a heart attack, it must be determined why mistakes were made and if negligence was a contributing factor.

Common examples of malpractice involving a misdiagnosed heart attack include: Read the rest »

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Top Causes of Seattle Obstetrics Malpractice Claims

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on March 11, 2016

Obstetricians are responsible for the care of mothers and newborns. When an obstetrician is careless or negligent, both mother and baby could suffer irreparable harm. Mothers could suffer serious physical injuries. Newborns could be left with life-changing birth injuries that affect their future. Families can be devastated.

When mistakes are made due to the negligence of an obstetrician, injured victims or their families could seek compensation for their damages by filing a malpractice claim. Here are some of the most common scenarios that lead to obstetrics malpractice claims: Read the rest »

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What are the Most Common Washington Medical Malpractice Claims?

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on February 24, 2016

Medical malpractice happens when a doctor or other professional health care worker makes a negligent mistake while providing care that hurts a patient. In these cases, a patient is injured because the medical professional failed to act with a reasonable standard of care. According to the National Practitioner Data Bank, there are almost 20,000 medical malpractice lawsuits in the United States each year.

Considering the millions of hospital visits Americans make, 20,000 is a pretty small number. But, that’s still 20,000 people who got hurt that shouldn’t have. That’s enough people to fill a basketball arena. Here are the most common medical malpractice claims: Read the rest »

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