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How Cell Phone Distraction Leads to Washington Car Accidents

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on February 6, 2012

Life today can be incredibly fast-paced, with individuals rushing to and from jobs, appointments, meals, and meetings. As such, many choose to use cell phones to talk and text while driving in order to accomplish several tasks at once. In Washington, hand-held cell phone use and texting while driving are illegal. Unfortunately, many still choose to break these laws, often leading to serious and even fatal distracted driving accidents in Washington. In addition, even hands-free cell phone use creates plenty of distractions for drivers today.

There are three main types of distraction that a driver can fall victim to, all of which have their own dangers and can result from use of a cell phone while driving. These types of distractions are:

  • Cognitive – This involves a driver taking his or her mind off the road and thinking about a different subject entirely. By talking to someone on the phone, dialing a number, texting, or focusing on an incoming call or text message, a driver stops paying attention to what he or she is doing and does not pay attention to possible hazards.
  • Visual – When a driver looks at something else besides the road and their surroundings, either partially or completely. A driver will not be able to see hazards, changes in traffic, and changes in the road when he or she looks at a text message, views information on an incoming call, or views applications on a smart phone.
  • Manual – The driver takes his or her hand or hands off the wheel and uses them to perform another task. When drivers use one or both hands to text, dial a number, use an application, or otherwise interact with their phone, they do not have full control of the car, leading to a possible loss of control or inability to avoid an accident.

Any of these behaviors are both irresponsible and reckless. If you or a loved one has been injured in a crash caused by another driver performing such actions, a Seattle cell phone auto accident attorney at Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. can help you win the compensation you deserve for your losses. Call our offices today at (888) 228-3860.

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