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Top Causes of Seattle Obstetrics Malpractice Claims

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on March 11, 2016

Obstetricians are responsible for the care of mothers and newborns. When an obstetrician is careless or negligent, both mother and baby could suffer irreparable harm. Mothers could suffer serious physical injuries. Newborns could be left with life-changing birth injuries that affect their future. Families can be devastated.

When mistakes are made due to the negligence of an obstetrician, injured victims or their families could seek compensation for their damages by filing a malpractice claim. Here are some of the most common scenarios that lead to obstetrics malpractice claims:

  • Delay in treatment of fetal distress: It is crucial for medical professionals to carefully monitor the vitals of the mother and child. Failing to recognize symptoms of fetal distress or failing to act quickly can have devastating consequences. Piotocin (Oxytocin) are powerful drugs that can overstimulate the mother’s uterus without  proper administration and monitoring. Fetal Heart Rate Monitors are an important tool that must be used correctly to ensure the safety of baby.  An IUPC (intra uterine pressure catheter) is another important tool available for use.
  • Improper management of pregnancy: Failing to test for fetal abnormalities when indicated is just one of many ways to improperly manage a pregnancy. Obstetrics malpractice claims often involve a failure to recognize the complications of a pregnancy and failure to address abnormal findings. Proper use of ultrasound and interpretation of prenatal testing is necessary and required.
  • Improper performance of vaginal delivery: Forcing a baby out of the birth canal can result in devastating injuries to the baby. For example, many malpractice claims involve brachial plexus injuries due to shoulder dystocia. This is when the nerves running from the neck through the arm are damaged because of the way the baby is extracted from the birth canal. Use of forceps, vacuum extractor, without consideration of C-section (Caesarian section), can cause devastating and catastrophic injury and damaged.

Other scenarios involve improper choice of delivery, improper performance of operative delivery, and delay in delivery. There are many ways in which mothers and newborns can suffer harm during labor and delivery. Medical professionals should be held accountable when their negligence results in serious injury or harm. An experienced Seattle obstetrics malpractice lawyer can provide more information regarding your legal rights and options.

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