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Who is Responsible for Seattle Injuries Caused by Defective Bikes?

By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on June 7, 2016

Being involved in an accident when you’re on your bike is bad enough, but it can be even more maddening when the accident is a result of a defective bike. As a cyclist, you trust that every time you hop on your bike, it’s going to perform as it should and get you to your destination as safely as possible. If that doesn’t happen, and the bike fails you somewhere along the way, the first question you’re likely to ask is “Who’s responsible for injuries caused by defective bikes?”

Truthfully, anyone who has handled your bike before it was sold to you may be held responsible. This can include the manufacturer, the wholesaler, the distributor, and even the retailer, as it’s often a store’s responsibility to build the bikes once they’ve been received. Because there are so many people involved in creating your bike before it even gets to you, it can be difficult to know who’s to blame and where to go for compensation. This is where a Seattle defective product lawyer will be able to help.

While you’ll likely already know which part of the bike was defective and caused the accident, a personal injury lawyer will be able to identify who is responsible for that specific piece. Was it poor design on the bike company’s part, or was the bike not put together correctly at the manufacturing facility? Was the bike misused because you, the rider, were not given any instructions on how to properly use the different components? Different parts of the bike might be handled by different people and/or different manufacturers and companies so your lawyer will be a huge asset in determining this.

Once it’s determined who’s at fault, your lawyer will go to work, protecting your rights and trying to get the fairest compensation for you. They’ll likely want you to take pictures of your injuries and to seek medical attention so those injuries can be documented. Also remember that, even though you may never want to see the defective bike and/or part again, to keep it. This is going to be important evidence when you present your case; you’ll need to show that the part is in fact, defective.

While some bicycle accidents are those involving motor vehicles, most cycling accidents involve only the cyclist and their bike. And many of these are caused by defective parts. If you’re involved in such an accident, be sure to call the personal injury lawyers at Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. We’ll help determine who’s responsible for injuries caused by a defective bike and we’ll work hard to ensure you secure the compensation you deserve.

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