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Automobile safety technology has experienced vast improvements over recent years, and current trends in statistics reflect the fact. Accident injury and fatality rates for drivers of regular motor vehicles are steadily decreasing. However, motorcyclists are trending in the opposite direction; they are one of the few motorist groups that have not displayed any progress in safety over the last decade. In fact, higher numbers are being reported each year, and researchers can only speculate as to why. One theory is that as gas prices rise, more people are looking to alternate efficient modes of transportation, and the motorcycle provides this. Whatever the reason, now more than ever, everyone needs to look out for the safety of motorcyclists, especially since most motorcycle accidents are caused by other motorists.

At Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S., our Seattle accident attorneys have protected the rights of motorcyclists for decades. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and ability to connect with our clients. Our case history reflects the success inherent in our values. If you have suffered injuries in a Washington motorcycle accident, please contact us today at (888) 228-3860 for a free, comprehensive consultation.

Washington Motorcycle Accident Recoveries

  • $225,000 recovery for leg fracture in Seattle motorcycle accident.
  • $175,000 recovery for a man who injured his clavicle and ribs when a car swerved and knocked him off his motorcycle in Bellevue.

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Why Do I Need a Seattle Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

You may be thinking, I'm insured, the other driver is insured, why do I need to bring an attorney into the equation? The simple answer is because insurance companies aren't interested in your well-being. In spite of the message their commercials try to convey, insurance companies can't be trusted and are only concerned with making a profit. Insurance companies will always try to offer you a lesser settlement than is worthy of your injuries. Also, many accident victims underestimate the ultimate costs of their injury.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Seattle can help you calculate what your overall losses will be, including wage from missed work, future medical bills, and pain and suffering. Finally, you need the guidance of a skilled attorney because accident lawsuits are complicated, sometimes lengthy, affairs. An experienced Seattle motorcycle accident attorney has been in those trenches many times before and is wise to the tactics an insurance company's lawyers will use.

A lawyer can help you calculate what your overall losses will be, including wage from missed work, future medical bills, and pain and suffering.

What if I was Partially at Fault for the Motorcycle Accident?

Washington is what is known as a "comparative fault state." Comparative fault recognizes that both parties involved in an accident may share fault for that accident. Suppose you were speeding on your cycle when you were hit by a driver who was texting at the time. A jury may decide that you were 10 percent at fault for the accident because you were speeding and the other driver was 90 percent at fault because they were texting. If the settlement you were seeking was $10,000, you would only be able to collect 90 percent of that settlement, or $9,000.

How Can I Protect my Rights as a Motorcyclist in Washington?

First, make sure you receive medical attention and file a police report soon after the accident has occurred. Then, you should avoid speaking with anyone unless you have first consulted with an attorney. The sooner you get in touch with a reliable Seattle motorcycle accident injury attorney, the better the chance of your getting a quick and just settlement.

What are the Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

While motorcyclist error is not exceedingly rare, it is rarely the reason for an accident. Error on the part of other motorists is the primary cause of motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists possess the same rights as other motorists, yet they are often ignored or downright violated. Inattentive and aggressive motorists put motorcyclists in precarious situations that lead to devastating crashes. It is unfortunate that this scenario has become more common over recent years.

Everyone on the road needs to realize how vulnerable motorcyclists are. They lack the safety systems and barriers most other types of vehicles provide. There is nothing between the rider and impact. It is true that motorcyclists are responsible for their own safety, but that does not mean other motorists are permitted to drive negligently or recklessly around them. The following are some common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Distracted drivers: Smart phones have immensely contributed to this growing traffic hazard. But motorists who text or check email aren't the only culprits, there are many other causes for distracted driving, such as adjusting the radio, eating, looking at maps, applying makeup, being involved in conversations, paying attention to kids or pets in the back seat, etc.
  • Blind spots: All passenger motor vehicles except motorcycles have blind spots. These are usually caused by the steel frames that connect a vehicle's chassis to its roof. They can also be caused by passengers, headrests, and cargo or luggage, etc. While correctly adjusted mirrors can help shrink blind spots, they can't eliminate them all together.
  • Motorcycles are difficult to see: Motorcycles are quite a bit smaller than other motor vehicles, and therefore are less visible to other drivers. Combine this fact with blind spots and distracted driving, and you have a recipe for an accident.
  • Motor vehicles making left hand turns: Making a left hand turn involves turning into a lane of traffic traveling in the opposite direction. If a driver doesn't see an oncoming motorcycle, they might turn into the cyclist's path.
  • Motor vehicles changing lanes: Many drivers fail to do head checks or adequately check their mirror before changing lanes and may collide with a motorcycle that is occupying that lane.
  • Running red lights or stop signs: This could be due to distracted driving or a driver trying to beat a yellow light. Either way, running red lights or stop signs can prove fatal to motorcycle riders.
  • Road conditions: Whether it's rain, ice, sleet, show, debris, loose gravel, or spilled oil, all can cause serious injuries to a bike rider.

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Additional Information

Our Case Results

Degloving Injury$2,400,000
Degloving Injury
from defective power winch.
Wrongful Death$1,925,000
Wrongful Death
from head-on van accident.
Rollover Accident$1,925,000
Rollover Accident
resulting in wrongful death.
Wrongful Death$1,625,000
Wrongful Death
from highway design defect.
Car Accident$595,000
Car Accident
injuries to 47-year-old woman.
Wrongful Death$460,695
Wrongful Death
oncoming traffic accident.
Rear-End Collision$450,000
Rear-End Collision
resulting in lower back injury.
Car Accident$390,000
Car Accident
resulting in fractured leg.
Car Sideswipe$390,000
Car Sideswipe
resulting in injured back.
Head-On Collision$372,000
Head-On Collision
resulting in fractured pelvis.
Car Accident$360,000
Car Accident
resulting in lower back injury.
Car Accident$275,000
Car Accident
resulting in jaw fracture.
Overturned Truck$230,000
Overturned Truck
resulting in broken ribs.
Head-On Collision$230,000
Head-On Collision
resulting in shoulder injury.
Motorcycle Accident$225,000
Motorcycle Accident
resulting in leg fracture.

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